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Oh, poor humanity! How we have all been fooled! And it is now taking an illumined fool to cut through the trickery and expose the truth – His name is Brian, The Lambeth Pilgrim! ... Read More
Why riots and increased anarchy everywhere?\r\n\r\nTo me, now illumined, the probable answer to this question is that more and more people are beginning like me to realize they are by ... Read More
Well, before I try to answer this question, I will first ask a pertinent one of my own. What can I now relate that none but a very few of you will ever deign to accept as not being... Read More
Yes, fellow travellers, \'Immortality! (Yes! Death Abrogated!)\', this strongly-worded statement must be a hard pill to swallow, so to speak; as death is a temporal certainty to be f... Read More
I never fail to be amazed by the serendipitous happenings that occur in my life. This morning, for no apparent reason, it seemed, the phrase \'Golden Bough\' came into my mind, as th... Read More
As serendipitously-gleaned intelligence has undoubtedly been of ongoing importance in Brian’s mystically-inspired existence, I somehow sensed that this idiosyncrasy would eventua... Read More
Something has been bothering me for years, now; hence, the reason for this article. So, fellow travellers, please bear with me, until I rid my mind of what I feel to have been a gr... Read More
Serendipity is a wondrous thing! Yes, serendipity! One thing leads to another! Where an event or activity results in another that you have usually not planned! Well, thank goodness... Read More
Sounds a strange title, eh? Yes, but all I say and do must sound strange to all those who still conform to the specious edicts of what has become the spiritually-insulated and demo... Read More
I guess I ought not to become surprised if the idea for yet another radical article suddenly invades my mind. After all my mystically-inspired life has so far had to offer, I not o... Read More
In amplification of the penultimate paragraph of my article Man Diffused (Defused) - According to Brian!, I feel it appropriate to republish an email I sent to a Tobago and Trinida... Read More
Well, fellow travellers, after all I\'ve previously written, I willingly accept that I am, whether I like it or not, on route to Hermaphroditehood - Even as I wrote the word, the \'h... Read More
Make no mistake, fellow travellers! This doesn\'t mean I was begrudged freewill. At any stage of my extraordinary life, I could have acted contrary to any of the serendipitous happe... Read More
As a revelationary and perhaps revolutionary sequel, I believe this article should well serve to augment the diabolical perversion of the truth that is exposed in my earlier articl... Read More
The following is really just an afterthought to my last post - My Ongoing Mission - A Concluding Overview - but a very important one if read in conjunction with my quartet \'On the ... Read More
After nearly thirty years of rigorous self-analysis, comprehensive religious, philosophical and psychical research, and the publication of copious associated literary works since m... Read More
In an earlier post I wrote: Being a psychically inspired Cosmic, I realize that I’m the closest I’ll get this life round to becoming the Animate God that’s still evolving out... Read More
To follow up my last article – Ad Infinitum, Amen – I feel it now time to compound my psychically-inspired philosophy with even more speculative profundity. But, to effect this... Read More
So far, not yet cosmicated? Perhaps the following might help to encourage a spiritual transition:\n\nIn an environment ever-cyclic by nature, nothing can ever end – Or, so I was le... Read More
I came across a very profound snippet of modern jargonized wisdom quite recently, which I feel worth repeating here: If intelligent life is the universe’s way of becoming aware a... Read More

Welcome to The Vigil Trust

Home of Brian, writing under the name of Byron Warbash, the unsung hero of his very own mythological quest to blaze a sensible trail through today’s minefield of conventional and mostly outmoded thought and deed.

“It has been said by past savants that there is one thing more powerful than all the armies of the world and that is an idea whose time has come. And that the highest wisdom has but one science – the science of the whole – the science of explaining the whole of creation and man’s place in it.”

On this site, Brian supplies the idea, the time is certainly right, and the code within the Universal Seed is at long last laid bare.

“Creation is a tricky business. One has to be a genius to be both an artistic scientist and a scientific artist.”

– by Byron Warbash